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Our Approach

Our Approach


The regular curricula for ICSE and ISC syllabi are followed daily in the classrooms.
We have an excellent team of trained teachers who use innovative teaching methods in the classroom. In High School, based on their grades, aptitude and preference students can opt for Science or Commerce.



Apart from daily assemblies, the school has regular scripture/value education classes to nurture children into becoming caring, sensitive and responsible adults. The school calendar also features an annual retreat and teen camps that encourage older children to fellowship with one another and spend time learning, reflecting upon and growing in the word of God.



Free nourishing meals are served 5 days a week during lunch time. At the beginning of the year children also receive uniforms and shoes. 
They have regular sports and outdoor physical education classes as part of their curriculum. 
There are also free yearly medical check-ups for all students.




Children are encouraged to hone their skills through a range of activity clubs such as Drama, Music, Dance, Public Speaking & Quiz, Art & Craft and Stitching. They are very enthusiastic participants at interschool competitions, debates and elocution competitions and have won numerous prizes. 

In 2014 Whole 9 Yards, a Kolkata-based theatre group, collaborated with Calcutta Emmanuel School for a wonderful musical production of the children’s classic Oliver Twist. 

Apart from this children are also engaged in civic issues such as cleanliness drives in the neighbourhood, anti-substance abuse campaigns, etc.